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QIGONG (pronounced chi kung) is an ancient Chinese self-healing art designed to move energy internally through the body. “Qi” literally means energy. The Chinese character “Gong” represents the effort placed into the practice as well as the power gained through it. You can think of QiGong as cultivating your energy to unite mind, body and spirit. We all can relate to the power that comes from accomplishing something through a steady and sustained practice. Very simply, that’s what QiGong is – a moving meditation. Movements are slow and gentle, encouraging an inner awareness to develop.



REIKI (pronounced “ray key”) literally means universal life force energy in Japanese. It is an ancient Eastern system of energy healing which supports natural, holistic healthcare and is becoming more widely used in the West.

How it works:

A reiki practitioner uses this hands-on healing method to transfer life force energy. You receive a treatment fully-clothed, while lying down on a massage table in a private room.

It can help to:

  • reduce stress and anxiety
  • relieve pain and accelerate the healing process
  • release blocks of negative energy stored in the body
  • increase your energy
  • balance body, mind and spirit


Dorothy Mandrakos has been teaching yoga and qigong since 2003. A former beauty, health and fitness editor for SELF, SEVENTEEN and MADEMOISELLE, Dorothy has a wealth of experience researching and writing about the healing arts for magazines. She has a Bachelor of Arts in Journalism from the University of South Carolina. Dorothy is a certified Level 2 Forrest Yoga Teacher. She did her 200 hour teacher training with Ana Forrest in May, 2014. Dorothy is also a certified Reiki Master. Her classes are unique in that she combines the healing principles of dance, yoga and qigong while also offering a variety of meditation techniques. She particularly enjoys sharing the 18 Lohan Hands — a fluid, dance-like moving meditation. She has been studying this ancient Chinese form of qigong for over fifteen years.

Client List

  • Inner Spirit Yoga Center
  • Life Center Counseling and Health Services
  • Momma’s House
  • Old First Presbyterian Church
  • Sangha Yoga
  • St. Joseph Renewal Center
  • Town of Huntington
  • Village of Cold Spring Harbor
  • Huntington Public Library
  • Cold Spring Harbor Public Library
  • Oyster Bay-East Norwich Public Library
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